Radiography (X-ray) – Non-Destructive Testing

Radiography (X-ray) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that examines the volume of a specimen. Radiography (X-ray) uses X-rays and gamma-rays to produce a radiograph of a specimen, showing any changes in thickness, defects (internal and external), and assembly details to ensure optimum quality in your operation.

Waygate Technologies business offers a full range of Industrial radiographic equipment and techniques. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate solution to ensure optimum technique performance, speed and economy for your application. In addition to X-ray inspection systems, WT provides X-ray services on a fee basis.

Film Processing and Equipment 

Traditional and still very popular X-ray methods require the use of film. Waygate Technologies business offers a comprehensive range of radiographic x-ray films, processing equipment and chemicals, perfectly geared one to another. No object is too large or too small – a radiographic film of the appropriate size is available for every exposure.

Industrial X-ray Tubes, Generators & Controls

Waygate Technologies business manufactures leading edge industrial X-ray systems (formerly SEIFERT NDT) for automotive, aerospace, foundries, petrochemical, power generation and other industries.

We cover the entire spectrum of nondestructive materials testing-offering reliable and user-friendly solutions designed to meet exact customers’ needs.

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Waygate Technologies business offers a complete range of digital x-ray imaging solutions, from the conversion to digital format of radiographic film to digital acquisition of radiographs. These digital x-ray imaging products provide productivity benefits that include exposure time reductions, elimination of film waste, enhancement in image analysis, and improvement in data management, image archiving and transmission.

Integrated Testing Machine

Waygate Technologies business designs, manufactures and supports stationary testing machines based on ultrasonic and X-ray technology for online and offline applications in the manufacturing processes as well as mobile systems for field applications. In addition, we offer systems based on eddy current technology and special systems in the field of metrology. Our ultrasonic and X-ray testing machines and systems are designed to perform individual manufacturing tests and / or to fulfill international Nondestructive Testing (NDT) standards for final acceptance test. We offer a wide range of standard systems for numerous applications – including all former Krautkramer, Seifert and Nutronik products – to suit all specifications. Additionally, we can provide a customized solution for your specific need.

2D Micro and Nanofocus

High-resolution X-ray inspection has become a widely used tool for non-destructive failure analysis and process control in a variety of industrial and scientific fields, because electronic components are becoming increasingly miniature and even more complex.

Only highest-resolution X-ray technology provides the means necessary to inspect such components. Typical inspection tasks includes:

  • Automated solder joint inspection
  • Inspection of bond wires and bonding areas
  • Void analysis of conductive and non-conductive die bonds
  • Analysis of discrete components such as capacitors and inductors

3D Computed Tomography

The classic application of industrial X-ray 3D computed tomography (CT) is the inspection and three-dimensional measurement of metal and plastic castings. However, phoenix|x-ray’s high-resolution X-ray technology opens up a variety of new applications in fields such as sensor technology, electronics, materials science and many other natural sciences.

Imaging System