FAST UT for Mentor UT

Advanced NDT applications are getting more and more widely used in the oil & gas and power industries. Requirements on repeatability and data quality are getting stronger. This is exactly what FAST-UT offers. Its probe holders are designed to ensure a proper coupling of the sensors in most of the situations while video information on the surface condition and accurate position are recorded. With its compatibility with UT, PA, TOFD and ET, FAST will allow complete inspection of welds as well as corrosion mapping in a very efficient way.

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Key Features and Benefits

Accessibility & productivity

The FAST UT allows the operator to inspect areas difficult to access by human, and to get more coverage and data in one path. With its capacity to carry multiple sensors, it can ensure a perfect coverage of a weld seam or a wide coverage of surfaces in case of corrosion mapping. Fast UT is a human friendly equipment: configuration and set-up can be made easily using a minimum of tools. Changing from one configuration to the other can be done in seconds. Path planning and navigation aids will help to get reliable, repeatable and reproducible data, a step change for your reports. You save the very time consuming process of preparation, risk assessments and watchmen.

Health & safety

Deployment of the FAST Platform is quick and easy and can eliminate the need for human to perform unsafe inspection. Entry in confined spaces or work at height in case of overcrossing pipeline for example can be replaced by inspection from a safe & remote location. This leads to tremendous cost saving for the asset owner and the inspection company. However, more important, it can safe yours, your co-workers and partners’ lives.


Corrosion Mapping

Due to its modular design the FAST platform can be adapted to new applications quickly and easily. The modular scan axis (Y-axis) allows for raster scans, combined with Ultrasonic probes the robot delivers high quality corrosion maps.

Weld Inspection

Equipped with the weld following module the robot turns into a fully automated weld scanner. The Inspection Robotics probe holder can handle Phased Array and/or TOFD probes for the weld inspection.

 Main Unit Specification

Storage temperature -20…+70 °C
Operating temperature 0…+50 °C
Dimensions see sketch below
Weight (without cables) 9.3 kg (20.5 lb) without NDT
Payload 15 kg (33 lb)
Speed fully adjustable, max. 60 mm/s (2.3”/s)
Drive units 2 integrated drives with 48V brushless DC motors
Power Supply 48V via umbilical cable from external supply station
Protection class IP65
Motor controller inspection robotics motor controller
Communication Gigabit Ethernet
Cable length 40m (131ft) standard, longer on request


Supply Station

Control Built-in touchscreen and industrial Joystick
Power Supply 100-240 V AC 50/60Hz, max 200W
Dimensions Length 340 mm (13.4”) x Width 350 mm (13.8”) x

Height 130 mm (5.1”)

Weight 14kg (31lb) without cabeling


Content Basic Set

FAST RVI robot in a rugged transport box comes with full software package
Supply Station – built in a rugged hard shell box all power & communications cable included, software pre-installed
40m cable from supply station to robot longer cables available on request



Probe holders adaptable probe holders available on request
weld following camera module & software package for weld following
scan axis depending on pipe diameter we design tailored scan axis


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