VIS – UT Electronic

Ultrasonic test electronics for automatic test systems
Setup on VME bus basis, the electronics is designed as a .4826 m (19 in.) plug-in module for industrial environments.

VIS can be operated parallel on all channels, enabling quick online inspection.

The UNI-VIS software package allows for displaying of test results, online graphics, bar graphs etc.

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Key Features and Benefits
  • Fully parallel system
  • Modular design – one module accom­modates up to 12-channel boards
  • Modules cascadable
  • Phased Array module available
  • User-friendly Windows®-based GUI
  • 20 kHz PRF / per channel in parallel mode
  • Internal and external communication via TCP/IP protocol
  • Multiplexed version available – one multiplexer board drives up to 8 channels
  • Tube testing
  • Weld inspection
  • Quick on-line testing
  • Cleanliness test
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