PALM Flat Scanner

NDT inspections of  butt welds are a complex task. This type of joint is found in various structures throughout the industry. Experts  inspect these to find defects which could result in the failure of a component, possibly inducing a human or environmental hazard.
Inspection Robotics’ Palm flat answers today’s challenges to successfully and reliably perform weld inspections on large diameter pipes or plates. Ultrasonic Phased Array technology provides several benefits in terms of safety, productivity and inspection quality.
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Key Features and Benefits
  • Compact, lightweight & rigid system
  • Fast & easy setup of the system
  • No belts, no straps, no spacers just clamp the scanner onto your specimen
  • Miniature rolling encoder for accurate sizing & position recording
  • No axial slippage
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Weld assessment from large diameter pipe to flat surface (3.5″)
  • Corrosion assessment with single axis inspection
Storage Temperature -20…+70 °C
Operating Temperature 0…+50 °C
Protection Rating IP67
Dimensions (L X B X H) 98mm x 85mm x 29 mm (w/o laser)
Test Object Min. Ø (OD)

Outer Pipe Inspection

90mm to flat
Test Object Min. Ø (ID)

Inner Pipe Inspection

200mm to flat
Weight 680g (w/o laser and probe)
Wedges Size Max 40 x 70mm footprint

Width 23 to 40mm

Further width upon request

Position Feedback A/B encoder signal, 4.07 cts/mm

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PALM Flat Scanner