Advanced UT : Mentor UT

MENTOR UT by GE is an advanced inspection toll of ultrasonic flaw detector. It optimised many inspection applications such as corrosion mapping, welding, small diameter pipe, composite inspection, etc. The system introduced the conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) and advanced ultrasonic phased array inspection (PAUT) with an intuitive, touch-screen interface and customisable inspection applications using MENTOR CREATE. The guided on-device setup, calibration, analysis and report will optimise the productivity of inspection and lower the training cost.

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Key Features and Benefits
  • Powerful 32/32 Phased Array UT
  • Full A-Scan capture
  • Conventional UT Channel
  • IP 65 Durability
  • 16 kHz pulse repetition frequency
  • High-resolution, daylight-readable 10.4” touchscreen
  • Portable 6.5 pound (2.9 kg) design
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Greater Probability of Detection (POD)
  • Easy to operate and improved productivity of inspection.
  • Reduced training costs
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Industry leading probes
  • Volumetric merge in real time of data acquisition for fast and easy interpretation and analysis
  • capable to upgrade to 128 channels (32:128)
  • Corrosion inspection with DM probe
  • Two axis scanner for corrosion application
  • Single axis scanner for corrosion application
  • General weld inspection
  • Small diameter circumferential weldment (Boiler tube)
  • Bond seam testing
  • Composite inspection
  • Bolt inspection


Internal Battery 62 WH Lithium Ion
External Battery (Included) 84 WH Lithium Ion
Input 100 to 240 VAC, 47–63 Hz, 1.9 A
Battery Life 3 hrs. internal, 6 hrs. with included external battery under typical operating conditions



Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Ingress Protection IP65
Shock 4′ Drop, Shock, Transit Drop, Vibration per Mil STD 810G



Mentor UT Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
Application Note- Bond Seam Inspection
Application Note – Corrosion Inspection with Manual DM Probe
Application Note – Mentor UT_Two Axis Scanner for Corrosion Application
Application Note – Mentor UT_Single Axis Scanner for Corrosion Application
Application Note – Small Diameter Circumferential Weld Inspection

Mentor UT Connector 

This is the standard connector on the Mentor UT. Arrays with Mentor style connectors attach directly to the unit. This is the lightest, most compact, package and is well suited to dedicated applications.

Mentor UT Tyco / Phasor Connector

Compatible with 32 element arrays with standard Phasor (Tyco) style connector. Best choice if probes will be changed often for different applications. Not compatible with DM arrays.

Mentor UT IPEX / Omni Connector

Compatible with 32 element arrays with standard IPEX style connector. Best choice if user already has several IPEX connector arrays. Not compatible with DM arrays.

Mentor UT MUX

Compatible with up to 128 element arrays. Standard Phasor/IPEX connector. Also includes extra hot swappable battery, HDMI, and ethernet ports.Compatible with DM and linear arrays.