trueDGS® Transducers

New, patent-pending trueDGS technology from the GE’s Inspection Technologies business has allowed the company to develop and introduce a range of ultrasonic trueDGS angle beam probes which:

  • Offer increased accuracy in sizing of flaws using the DGS method.
  • Provide the same accuracy as circular straight beam probes
  • Are available as single elements and phased array transducers (not yet available).
  • Ensure accurate, compliant ultrasonic inspection in a wide range of applications
  • Are accompanied by updated trueDGS software for the USM GO, USM 35 and Phasor Series flaw detectors. Click this link to Obtain Updated trueDGS software for your instrument.
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Key Features and Benefits
  • The ultimate level of precision and repeatability for the DGS flaw sizing method
  • Revolutionary patent-pending design provides:
    • Unrivalled accuracy in sizing small flaws using the DGS method
    • Accuracy previously only available in circular straight beam transducers
    • Savings on scrap costs due to significantly reduced chance of flaw over sizing
  • Compatibility with electronic DGS on the USM GO, USM 35 and Phasor Series flaw detectors
  • Legacy DGS probe familiarity with improved results driven by innovation
  • Improved ergonomically-designed die cast housing for durability
  • Replacement soles (sold separately) for extended service life
  • Side mount Lemo 00 connector
  • General inspection using the DGS method
  • Weld inspection
  • Tubes, pipes, pressure vessels, containers, pumps, valve housings
  • Turbine blades & shafts
  • Wheel rims
Single Element
Type Order Code f (MHz) β (steel) N mm Case
MWB 45-2tD 500678 2 45 18 Type 1
MWB 60-2tD 500679 2 60 16 Type 1
MWB 70-2tD 500680 2 70 18 Type 2
MWB 45-4tD 500681 4 45 44 Type 1
MWB 60-4tD 500682 4 60 43 Type 1
MWB 70-4tD 500683 4 70 31 Type 2


Case A mm B mm C mm
Type 1 20 36 26
Type 2 23 43 30



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